163591_10200942814562093_390425343_nSusanna Terry has been directly involved in various forms of healing and therapy for over thirty years having initially studied energy field therapy.

She has been a practising professional homeopath for over twenty years and works in Devon, UK.

While training in homeopathy in 1985 she studied Spinal Touch with Image Briggs, an osteopath and one of Dr Rosquist’s original students in the U.K.

Later on she studied with Dr Rosquist himself in the U.S.A. and became a certified Spinal Touch/Bio Mechanics Instructor working in the U.K. and Europe.

She has now been teaching Spinal Touch since 1996 and has trained more than 150 people. Her Spinal Touch/Bio Mechanics graduates spread to the US, Australia, mainland Europe and as far as the Carribean.

Susanna also works with (and teaches) Bio-Stress Release – a gentle approach to instantly relieve pain and distortion. Having a particular interest in the holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being she has also studied and obtained a Diploma in person-centered Counselling and a certificate in Zero Balancing.

Susanna has presented at two conferences of the Society of Homeopaths. One was on the homeopathic treatment of a girl suffering from bad effects of vaccination. The nine year old girl suffered seizures and was deemed incurable by conventional medicine. Within three months she was back to health with Susanna’s homeopathic treatment. Her second conference presentation called Mirroring related to the processes and stages of Counselling and its relationship with Homeopathy.

Becoming interested in building a presence online Susanna studied for three years with the Coaching Cognition Academy and became a coach. She received certification as a social media consultant in 2012. Susanna loves to help people on their path to a healthier and happier life.